With over half a century history producing dried salted fish,  this factory is a well-known for
it´s tradition and quality.  ABS AS keeps well the secret of how to produce the world’s best
dried salted fish.
Producer number is M-360.  
Combined decades of experience, with modern technology have taken ABS to be a
reference in the dried salted fish market. The factory has highly invested in the most
modern machineries in the last years, which represent more than 10.000 square meters.
In 2010 the factory reached half of its capacity, producing approximately 6000 tons of
dried salted fish.  With 12 000 tons of high quality production capacity, the factory has a
big potential and  has placed SolBac Export as one of the best exporters in Norway.   
Strategically located by the shore of Ellinsoy fjord, ABS is surrounded by pure natural
beauty and has direct access to the best raw material for production. SolBac Export holds
pride for the 50% acquisition of one of the best factories of dried salted fish in the World.