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Atlantic Cod Gadus Morhua is the authentic Bacalao, Gadus
morhua cod are found in the colder waters and deeper sea
regions throughout the Northern Atlantic. It is normally the biggest
 and thickest fish. It has a pale uniform color when salted.
The Atlantic cod is mainly consumed in Portugal, France, Italy,
and other European countries.

Saithe (pollock): is a darker fish, with a stronger taste.
The saithe is mainly consumed in Brazil, Dominican Republic,
Africa and other South American countries.
Ling is a fish type that has a light color, it is a narrow fish
compared to the other types of fishes. His meat has a light and
nice coloration.
The Ling in mainly consumed in Brazil, and Caribbean.
Tusk is a generally a smaller compared to the rest of the fishes. It
has a slightly darker coloration.
Tusk is mainly consumed in Brazil, Caribbean and Africa.  
Quality grades

- Is the best grade. It means that the fish is well eviscerated, well salted, well dried
and well sliced.

Universal - This grade indicates that the fish has small defects, that do not affect the
quality of the dried salted fish, and the taste is exactly the same as the Imperial/Superior.  

Popular - This grade of fish has some dark spots, do to the fact that the fish may be dead
before caught, which results in bruising of the fillets. It may also have some missing pieces,
do to some production defaults.  
Our main activity is the production and export of:

                        Wet salted codfish.
                        Dried salted codfish.
                        Other fish products

We are specialized in dried salted fish(bacalao):
Cod, saithe (Pollock), Ling and Tusk. We can supply you with all the sizes and quantities.
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